BSRG Award recognising Published Postgraduate Research

The Harold Reading Medal is awarded annually to the postgraduate or recent postgraduate (normally within 2 years of doctoral award) who has been judged to have produced the best publication arising directly from a PhD project in the field of sedimentology and stratigraphy during the previous year. The paper would normally also have been presented as a talk by a postgraduate student at a UK BSRG-sponsored meeting.

The paper should have been written primarily by the student (first author) and be based on his or her own research with the normal expected input from supervisors. The medal is awarded at the AGM. If you would like to nominate an individual for the Harold Reading Medal, please send a pdf copy of their paper and a brief letter of support outlining the reasons you feel that the paper represents an excellent contribution. These documents should be sent by email to the BSRG Awards Officer by December 1st each year.

Past winners

2019 - Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza (Imperial College London) "Ecological niche modelling does not support climatically-driven dinosaur diversity decline before the Cretaceous/Paleogene mass extinction" published in Nature Communications in March 2019

2018 - Euan Soutter (University of Manchester) for the paper "Giant submarine landslide triggered by Palaeocene mantle plume activity in the north Atlantic" published in Geology in April 2018

2017 - Daniel Collins (Imperial College London) for the paper "Tidal dynamics and mangrove carbon sequestration during the Oligo-Miocene in the South China Sea" published in Nature Communications in June 2017

2016 - Jan de Leeuw (Utrecht University) for the paper "Morphodynamics of submarine channel inception revealed by new experimental approach" published in Nature Communications in March 2016

2015 - Marco Fonnesu (University College Dublin) for the paper "Short length-scale variability of hybrid event beds and its applied significance" published in Marine and Petroleum Geology in November 2015

2014 - Michael Clare (National Oceanography Centre Southampton) for the paper "Distal turbidites reveal a common distribution for large (>0.1 km3) submarine landslide recurrence", published in Geology in 2014

2013 - Jessica Ross (University of Leeds) for the paper "An integrated model of extrusive sand injectites in cohesionless sediments", published in Sedimentology in 2011

2012 - Michael Salter (Manchester Metropolitan University)

2011 - Amandine Prélat (Liverpool University, now at Imperial College)