BSRG Early Career Grant

The Early Career Grant offers financial support for postdoctoral researchers and those within 3 years (full time equivalent) of starting a permanent academic position to support sedimentological research (e.g. field or laboratory) or to attend international meetings.

How to Apply
Applications are assessed by the BSRG Committee primarily on the originality of research and need.

Send the following documents by e-mail to the BSRG Awards Officer by 31st January (rtf or pdf format, all in 12point Times, single spaced, minimum 1.5 cm margin, with diagrams if appropriate):

1. A 2-page CV plus a list of publications. The CV should include qualifications back to first degree level. Include: your name, current UK university, current sources of funding, and other sources of funding applied for.

2. An outline of your present and proposed research. You must include: an explanation of how the award will be used (e.g. conference/fieldwork/ lab work) and how your personal development will benefit. No more than 2 sides of A4.

3. A breakdown of the budget. If you are applying for partial funding from BSRG you need to include a statement of how the balance will be raised. We need to know the exact amount that you are requesting from the fund. 1 side A4 max.

4. A letter of support from an appropriate supervisor or collaborator, sent by email to the BSRG Awards Officer by the deadline, supporting your application and confirming that you are eligible for the award.

Past Recipients

2023 Awards:

2022 Awards:

2019 Awards: