BSRG Annual General Meeting

The BSRG AGM is the most important event in the BSRG calender and is the focus for much of BSRG's activities. The meeting features an extensive academic and social programme which includes pre-conference workshops, talk and poster sessions and the conference dinner.

Why should you attend the AGM? There are many reasons to attend the BSRG AGM. The meeting provides a chance to meet other researchers, your peers, industry contacts and perhaps even a future employer? The talk and poster sessions provide an excellent opportunity to advertise your research to a sympathetic audience and catch up on the UK sedimentology research scene. The extensive social programme also means that the meeting should be an enjoyable social event for all.

Want to organise an AGM? The AGMs are usually organised voluntarily by a group of sedimentologists in a university department. With sufficient forward planning (we recommend 2 years), available lecture theatres and poster space, local university housing or hotel accommodation, and an enthusiastic group of postgraduate and student helpers, the task is far from onerous. A written set of hints and guidelines was drawn up by John Howell and will be edited by each successive AGM convenor to ease the task of their successor. Please contact the BSRG Secretary if you would like to discuss hosting an AGM or need more information on what this entails.

Recent AGMs: