BSRG Awards

One of the ways that the British Sedimentological Research Group (BSRG) recognises substantial contributions to the field of sedimentology is through a series of awards that span all career stages. These awards are presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held in December. Following discussions at the 2019 BSRG AGM, the criteria for some awards has been broadened. Previously these were awarded on the basis of a “substantial body of research” (Perce Allen Award) and “noteworthy published research” (Roland Goldring Award). We have opted to expand this scope to also encompass other activities that positively benefit the sedimentological community, including mentorship, support, training, leadership, and acting as a strong role model. The legacy built by great sedimentologists extends far beyond published papers. We recognise the value in training and mentoring the next generations of sedimentologists, ensuring our discipline continues to grow and evolve, and the importance of those that build and maintain a supportive community for new members to thrive. The revisions to the award criteria reflect these values.

Award nomination calls:

The award nomination calls are announced and circulated through the BSRG mailing list, website and social media at the beginning of autumn (typically September). The nomination deadline is typically at the end of November each year and nominations are submitted to the BSRG Awards officer (Sanem Acikalin; or
The Perce Allen and Roland Goldring awards and Harold Reading Medal nominations are judged by an independent awards committee, based on a consistent structured marking criteria. The independent award committee is composed of five independent members and chaired by the Awards Officer of the BSRG committee. An invitation to volunteer for the Awards Committee is opened during the AGM as well as through invitation from the Awards Officer. Analysis of past awards identifies clear issues in relation to gender balance (11% female: 89% male) and underrepresentation with regards to ethnicity and race (4% BAME: 96% white). Please do take the time to think about this and to nominate someone deserving for the awards. We strive to have as diverse representation as possible on the Awards Committee (gender, race, discipline, industry/academia), and are always keen to hear from volunteers to join this committee.
Assessment for Undergraduate and Masters Sedimentology Awards follows a similar structured marking criteria to the other three awards, and are awarded by the BSRG Committee (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Awards Officer and Industry Representatives).


Perce Allen Award
This award recognises a substantial contribution in any field of sedimentology Such a contribution will have made a profound and positive impact on the discipline, and may include but not be limited to, developing new generations of sedimentologists through outstanding leadership or mentoring, significant societal or economic translation of sedimentological research, creation of a substantial body of research, developing novel, innovative or transformative techniques, making a fundamental change in our understanding of sedimentology, or encouraging and enabling positive change within any discipline of sedimentology. Nominees can be at any age and any career level.

Roland Goldring
This award recognises a noteworthy contribution to any field of sedimentology. Nominees must be within ten years (full time equivalent) of the commencement of their research career. Any career break will be subtracted from the total time spent in the research. Historically this award has recognised only noteworthy published research. We now encourage nominees that have made any noteworthy contribution to the field of sedimentology.

Harold Reading Medal
This medal is presented to the most influential and/or outstanding publication by a current or recent postgraduate student (normally within 2 years of doctoral award) from their PhD project in the field of sedimentology. It is expected that this PhD research will have been presented at the BSRG AGM but this is not a strict criterion for nomination. The Awards Committee do not take metrics such as Journal Impact Factor into account when assessing the submissions.

BSRG Award for Undergraduate Sedimentology
This is awarded annually to the best final-year undergraduate sedimentological project at a UK or Irish University

BSRG Award for Masters Sedimentology
This is awarded to the best sedimentological project completed by a student on a one-year taught Masters course at a UK or Irish University.

Poster Prize
This is awarded annually to one or more postgraduate students, based on their research presented at the BSRG AGM.